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Forensic Vision with Application to Highway Safety with CD-Rom 3rd Edition

Author: Marc Green Ph.D. Co-Authors: Merrill J. Allen O.D., Ph.D., Bernard S. Abrams O.D., Leslie Weintraub O.D. Contributor: J. Vernon Odom Ph.D.
ISBN 10: 978-1-933264-54-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-933264-54-7
Copyright Date Ed: June 1, 2008

Preface: From Judkin's Law To Daubert Criteria (Green)
Chapter 1: Introduction to Vision (Green)
Chapter 2: Psychophysics (Green)
Chapter 3: Physics, Physiology, Psychology (Green)
Chapter 4: Attention and Conspicuity (Green)
Chapter 5: Systemic Diseases and Highway Safety (Weintraub)
Chapter 6: Vision Tests (Allen)
Chapter 7: Eye Disease and Highway Safety (Weintraub)
Chapter 8: Drugs and Alcohol Affecting Highway Safety (Weintraub)
Chapter 9: Visual Aging (Odom & Green)
Chapter 10: Visual Problems in the Automobile (Allen)
Chapter 11: Visual Hazards on Streets and Highways (Allen)
Chapter 12: Measurement and Evaluation of Motor Vehicle Lighting: A Systematic Approach (Abrams)
Chapter 13: Visibility Analysis 1: Introduction (Green)
Chapter 14: Visibility Analysis 2: Contrast Thresholds (Green)
Chapter 15: Pedestrian Accident Analysis (Green)
Chapter 16: Collision Analysis (Green)
Chapter 17: "How Long Does It Take to Stop?": Methodological Analysis of Driver Perception-Brake Times (Green)
Chapter 18:Visual Analysis of Pictorial Evidence (Green)
Chapter 19: Forensic Vision Toolkit (Abrams)
Appendix A : Color References (Abrams)
Appendix B: Geometric Optics (Abrams)
Appendix C: Psychophysical Laws (Green)
Appendix D: Recommended Sources (Allen & Green)
Appendix E: Cone of Vision (Abrams)
Appendix F: Relationship of Visual Angles/Visual Acuity (Abrams)
Appendix G:Twelve Things You Should Know About Vision and Accidents (Green)

Complete Table Of Contents Available
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